Mission Statement

The mission of the Holden Flynn Foundation is to commit its resources and efforts to increasing the exposure and awareness of congenital heart defects (CHDs), the world’s most common and deadly birth defect, while providing assistance and support to families of hospitalized children with CHDs.

The Holden Flynn Foundation will conduct the following activities to fulfill that mission:

  • The Holden Flynn Foundation will use various events and media to raise public awareness of CHDs.
  • The Holden Flynn Foundation may provide financial assistance to families and children suffering from CHDs. This can range from monetary assistance, food, toiletries, or any other items that will help families who have been displaced, or otherwise inconvenienced by hospitalization due to CHDs.
  • The Holden Flynn Foundation will use its funds to purchase customized wagons and other forms of transport for children confined to the hospital and/or any other medical facilities. These wagons will include customized items such as IV poles, customized bumpers, and other items that will assist children in their movement around these facilities.
  • The Holden Flynn Foundation will organize fundraising events such as dinners, raffles, golf tournaments, and other events in order to fund our proposed activities, publicize our efforts, and allow public participation in the foundation’s mission.
  • The Holden Flynn Foundation will solicit contributions from the general public both online and in the mail through fundraising campaigns, annual/workplace/planned giving, gifts, donations, stocks and other activities. These fundraising activities are described in more detail in the supplemental information attached to the Form 1023.

The activities of The Holden Flynn Foundation will be conducted by the members of the Board of Directors (who will not be compensated for their services), as well as other staff and volunteers. The activities will commence immediately.