Children's Hospital Wagons

When hospitalized Holden always loved his wagon rides. Rules were rules, and no one was allowed to touch him while he was in there, giving him a security blanket. He’d buckle in and we’d circle the hospital waving at every doctor, nurse, tech, or whoever we ran into. It was Holden’s parade, and everyone loved the grandstanding, treating it as if it was the first time we’d done it.

As his health declined, the number of IV’s he required sometimes limited his wagon time, or made it difficult to travel because of the number of people needed to participate. It was tough for him, because Holden needed that time. It was his time.

We learned the importance of these vehicles, not only for Holden, but for all the children who are hospitalized. It allows them to have some sort of normalcy through a rocky period in their lives. When laying the groundwork for the foundation we immediately felt that creating hospital appropriate wagons should be one of our main goals. Join us in sponsoring a wagon today.